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Saturday, April 15, 2006

"adsense for search" now included in this blogspot

Of late, I have been posting a lot of stuff on this blog. Now I am at a stage, where, I cannot recall all the articles/issues/musings that have previously been posted. So, I decided to put a google search box in my blog. This search box is a bit different from the default search box provided by blogger.

The default search box that comes with blogger provides two functionalities:
  1. Search this blog
  2. Search all blogs
But it does not allow me to search the web.

The google search box also provides two functionalities:
  1. Search this blog
  2. Search the whole web
As the second option is useful to me, I decided to have google search box in my blog.

Google calls this search box as "adsense for search". Yesterday, I did some css hacking and now my blog is "adsense for search" compliant. The search bar should appear on the right of this blog in the "sidebar".

Any comments regarding this move are most welcome.

On a related note, Sometime ago, I have included "adsense for content" - ie advertisements in this blog. The related post can be found at



Web2earn said...

Raju, looks good - did you get any seaarches on it?

Kamaraju Kusumanchi said...

Hi web2earn,

Since you have not left any of your contact info, I thought I will post my reply here. This might also help other people who read my blog and have the same question.

The "adsense for search" has been introduced into this blog on Apr 14, 2006. Today is April 22, 2006. I have created a separate channel for "adsense for search" so I can gather statistics of its performance separately.

In the 8 days (4/14/06 to 4/22/06) these are the following statistics.

Queries 131
Clicks 17
CTR 12.98%
eCPM 0.00
Earnings 0.00

So it turned out to be pretty useless in terms of money. But money was not the reason I did this. I wanted to gain some knowledge about CSS hacking. So the purpose of the google search box is well achieved. Moreover, it very convenient to have a google search box in the blog.