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Friday, January 26, 2007

input telugu characters in firefox

Reading telugu characters in firefox is good, but if you can write in telugu it would be much more cool! This, for example, would come in handy when searching in google for documents containing certain telugu words, when writing telugu scraps in orkut etc.,

The following screenshot shows how to select "తెలుగు - RTS" and search for documents containing "తెలుగు" in them.

Tested on Debian Etch (testing), firefox 1.5.dfsg+, Indic Input Extension 1.0

Friday, January 19, 2007

switched to the new blogger version

Today I upgraded my blogger to the newer version and the migration went pretty smoothly! The advantages include
  • I can use just my google account to log in! Cool! One less password to remember!
  • There is no “Publishing…” spinner anymore! Now when a new post is made, there is no need to republish; The blog gets updates automagically! Sweet!
Todo :- Previously I customized my template quite a bit. I have to upgrade this to the newer version and then customize it again!