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Monday, October 01, 2007

websites incompatible with iceweasel

As we all know, iceweasel is basically a renamed version of firefox in Debian. The renaming was due to licensing issues. Except for the renaming there is no difference between firefox and iceweasel.

The following are the list of websites that wont work properly with iceweasel. The tests are performed with iceweasel, Debian Etch (Stable).

It is not very difficult to design a website which works the same way on all the browsers. I wonder why these companies are so incompetent in putting up a W3C standard complaint web site and not use any proprietary software. It also makes one wonder, if it would be better to take the business to companies who have the decency/ability to set up a browser-friendly website?

Updated on : Sep 25, 2008; Oct 1, 2007

Update on: July 27, 2014
On a machine runing Debian Jessie, iceweasel  30.0

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Anonymous said...

In case of, it is not incompetence, but malice. If you remove or modify the word Iceweasel in the user agent string (go to about:config and set general.useragent.override to something), it will work, even if you just change a single letter of "Iceweasel" (search the Debian bug reports for iceweasel and capitalone). In other words, is specifically discriminating against Iceweasel, but not e.g. Firefox.