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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Burning ISO files in Windows XP

Imagine you are on a machine running Windows XP. Now you want to install Debian on that and make it a dual boot so that you can use both Windows and Debian as and when the need arises. There are many ways to do this. Most people start by downloading the net install image from . However Windows XP, AFAIK, does not come with an iso image burning software. In order to burn the .iso file on to a CD/DVD, you can use any one of

  1. DeepBurner Free
  2. CDBurnerXP Pro

Both softwares are free (but not opensource). The only problem with "CDBurnerXP Pro" is that it does not work with files larger than 4.2 GB. So you cannot really burn a DVD images of say Etch distribution which are normally greater than 4.2 GB and less than 4.7 GB. However, "DeepBurner Free" has no such restriction.

According to , "CDBurnerXP PRO" is also free from adware, spyware etc.,

PS: I was not able to find any free CD/DVD burning software for Windows XP, which has the facility to burn iso files and is released under GPL or is opensource. If you know of any, please let me know.

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