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Sunday, May 07, 2006

How to view changelogs of a Debian package over web

Every installed package on a Debian machine has changelog.gz and/or changelog.Debian.gz depending on whether the package is specific to Debian or not. These files are stored in /usr/share/doc/packagename.

For example, since firefox is not specific to Debian, it has both changelog.gz and changelog.Debian.gz . OTOH, since wajig is specific to Debian, it only has changelog.gz. There is no changelog.Debian.gz for wajig.

changelog.gz refers to changes done by the upstream author where as changelog.Debian.gz refers to changes done by the Debian maintainer.

/usr/share/doc/packagename/changelog.Debian.gz contains the changelog for the installed package. If a new version of package is available in Debian repositories then sometimes it is useful to have a look at just the new changelog without downloading the whole package. In order to see the latest changelog of a package, you can use

So to see changelog of the latest firefox package available in Debian repositories use

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