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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

free stuff for give away

You might have arrived here after seeing my email in ISSO mailing list. well, I have a couch, lazy boy chair, futon bed, usual bed . Everything is free and you have to arrange your own shipping. I cant guarantee their condition. Look for yourself. If you like them, take it.

You can contact me at 607-342-5538 or by email (

Update1 :- The futon bed is already gone. I will update this blog if something else is claimed.

Update2 :- The spring matress is also gone. So as of now, only the Couch and the lazy boy chair are remaining.

Update3 :- The couch has also been claimed. Now only the lazy boy chair (waiting lazily, I guess :-)) is available.


Juan Pablo Salazar said...

Hey Raju, are you moving out? Buying new furniture? Setting up a soccer field in you living room? :)

Kamaraju Kusumanchi said...

Hi Juan,
The furniture I have is kind of old and so I am planning to buy new furniture. But considering how lazy I am that might or might not happen in the near future.

Now, the soccer field idea is really tempting but I dont think the guys living in the basement would appreciate it very much :-) One possibility is to invite them for the matches :-) Let me mull over it!